2022 Vendor Information

We are excited to have you as a part of our Familyfest Fun Cruise this year on July 23, 2022 from 9am-2pm!

Graphics and Marketing Materials

We’ve been busy posting away on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so feel free to share away! Below are those graphics and more you can use to share to let your followers/customers know you’re a part of the Cruise via your newsletters, client communications, emails, and social channels.

Digital Passport Flyers

These flyers were delivered to all stops the week of July 7th with a poster and copy of the July/August issue of The ‘hood Magazine. You will need to display your poster prominently at your business on the day of Familyfest (July 23) so your guests can scan your QR Code (unique to each stop location). If you lost your Digital Passport Flyer, you can find yours here and reprint it. They are in alphabetical order with your logo in the middle of the QR Code.

How to Make Your Familyfest Fun Cruise Stop a Success

  1. What is your activity/deal/giveaway?
    Stops that saw the most success in the past years were ones that offered something for families. – If you have admission or offer products or services, perhaps give it away for free, offer BOGO or 50% off deals, or give them a pass to come back at a future date.
    – Have carnival games/activities for them to win prizes.
    – Give something away for free that relates to your business (limiting numbers can help draw a crowd as well). Ex: Mini Critters gave away beta fish to their first 100 visitors.
    – Have food! Root beer floats and ice cream were hits last year at stops.
  2. Write your listing with the family in mind.
    Your listing will be featured in the July/August issue of The ‘hood Magazine and this is how families will know what to expect when they come to your stop. You will want to share why they should visit. You don’t need to include what your business does, but more what activities, deals, or giveaways you’ll be doing that day (be specific!). Once the family is there, that is when you can show off all your business has to offer!
  3. Combine it with a customer appreciation party.
    Two birds, one stone! Make your efforts have a larger impact by inviting more people to visit.
  4. Take advantage of the graphics and posts from the Familyfest team!
    If you don’t already, be sure to follow Familyfest on Facebook and Instagram and share the posts when you are tagged. Additionally, the Familyfest team will be providing graphics for stops to showcase you are participating, so be sure to post those to your social channels. And don’t forget to share it with your clients, especially if you have a newsletter list! We’ll also be providing posters in July to all stops.
  5. Sign up for a LIVE with Fancy!
    If you don’t know about our mascot, Fancy, she is a giant inflatable unicorn that became the star of the show when we moved to the Cruise format in 2020. Kids love to see her, so the Familyfest/’hood team travels around with her in July to promote Familyfest. For $250, you can add this to your Familyfest package to help share more about your stop and your business.

If you need any additional help or ideas for your stop, we have marketing consultation available for $150/hour. If you have any questions or want to add anything to your package, reach out to Steff or Miranda at info@familyfestsf.com.